Career Consulting

Career Consulting Package

Our main service is the Career Consulting Package, designed to give candidates the competitive edge needed to secure their dream careers.

Services Included in our Career Consulting Package

Career Coaching



Professional coaching, consultation and workshops with first-class career consultants, helping you assess your strengths and areas for improvement, refine and establish your career goals, and enact a strategy for your career success.
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We help fine-tune your resume to best fit your desired career. We will also submit your resume to relevant employers, giving you an edge in your career search.
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We reach out to employers on your behalf, and will setup a minimum of three interviews with targeted U.S.-based employers.
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Progress Reports

Career Resources

Career Placement

Weekly progress reports to summarize your progress and next steps in your career journey.
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Exclusive access to our employer gateway—allowing you to browse internal job postings and customize a profile for employers to view. Additional access to resources and materials for improving your personal brand, marketing your skills, and improving your interview skills.
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For more information about career placement, please visit our placement page.

Career Consulting

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ZP Careers offers superb career guidance and internship placement services for international students and graduates in the U.S. Our team is made up of professional American career coaches and counselors who work at leading U.S. universities, and placement specialists and recruiters with experience placing graduates in high-end U.S. internships and jobs. We also offer CPT, OPT and H1B visa consulting to both candidates and employers!

Graduating soon but don’t know where to begin? Let ZP Careers help you secure your future here in the U.S.!

Career Coaching and Preparation

Included in our Consulting Package


Introductory workshop to connect with your Career Consultant, assess your current status and goals, guide you through the offerings and timeline of the Career Consulting Package, and properly identify any required next steps (e.g. create a resume, etc.)

CPT/OPT Consultation

Targeted session to identify your school’s CPT or OPT requirements, and to create a road-map for ensuring you meet all requirements and are able to remain in the U.S. after graduation

Career Strategy Sessions

Multiple sessions to assess your strengths and areas for improvement, refine and establish your career goals, and enact a strategy for your career success. Your Career Consultant will also help you identify your “personal brand”, create a career search roadmap, and will give you any required advice for networking, interviewing, and securing a job.

Employer Reach-Out and Networking

Included in our Consulting Package

Resume Submission

Ongoing company “reach-outs” where our team will present the candidate’s resume to HR departments and hiring managers from U.S. companies in target industries


Three internship interviews with U.S.-based companies. We will first attempt top-choice employers and then smaller companies. Interviews may be via phone, web or in-person

Progress Reports

Weekly progress reports at the end of each week, summarizing the candidate’s progress and our team’s outreach to companies throughout the United States

Ongoing Career Resources

Included in our Consulting Package


Open access to material and resources, including job board, resume templates, career guide, interviewing tips and more


Marketing of the candidate’s profile on our employer gateway. This allows employers to view your profile at any time!


We will help you secure at least three interviews with U.S.-based employers


“Zoe from ZP Careers was an amazing career coach! She worked with me to truly understand my goals, guide me in my career search, and prepare me for a winning interview. I’m now in the job of my dreams and couldn’t be happier! “

Jon L., M.A., University of California
Now a Project Manager at Panasonic
San Diego, CA

“I acquired an amazing internship through ZP Careers’ Career Pro package. I highly recommend using all of their services!”

Chris G., B.A., University of Georgia
Now a Business Development Intern at Houston Kids Basketball
Houston, TX