Calling All Chinese Women – U.S. Tech Needs You!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes the difficult circumstances for Chinese women looking to enter the tech industry in China. Cultural stereotypes, claims of sexual harassment, and a male-centered culture can make it extremely difficult for women who have their hearts set on becoming the next Bill Gates.

“Chinese companies are reluctant to hire or promote women because of concerns about pregnancy and child rearing, employee advocates say. … The indifference stems from the fact that such problems are so prevalent in Chinese society, many people don’t recognize certain behavior amounts to sexual harassment or discrimination…”

Chinese women are not alone. Silicon Valley also has a notorious problem with hiring, retaining and promoting women in tech jobs. However—the tide is starting to turn in America. U.S. tech companies are increasingly looking to hire women in the tech industry, and those with the right education and skill-sets may be at an advantage. Many U.S. universities are also offering women fully-paid scholarships if they pursue a STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) degree.

The U.S. Wants You!

If you’re a Chinese woman with an interest in tech, but feeling like you won’t be accepted in China—come work for U.S. tech!

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