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Services for Graduates and Students

ZP Careers offers superb career guidance and placement services for international students and graduates in the U.S. Our team is made up of professional career consultants and recruiters with experience placing graduates in high-end U.S. positions.

Our consultative approach is centered on establishing the candidates’ career goals; assisting and coaching candidates on resume writing, networking, job search, and long-term career development; and assisting candidates with outreach and securing interviews for internships and temporary/full-time positions. As a bonus, we offer CPT, OPT and H1B visa consulting to both candidates and employers!

Services for Employers

ZP Careers helps U.S. employers identify the best full-time, part-time and temporary staff, as well as paid and non-paid interns. Our candidates are highly educated, motivated and talented college graduates with unique skill sets in diverse fields, such as big data, finance, marketing, sports management, computer science, engineering and more.

We also assist employers who are looking to bring on talent with international language and cultural expertise, and can help guide employers through meeting requirements for employing student visa (CPT, OPT) and professional work visa (H1B) candidates. We help make the process painless, simple and fast!

  • I had 1 month left on my student visa and was about to leave the U.S. without a job. That’s when I found ZP Careers. They came in, helped me shape up my resume, found me an internship and walked me through the entire OPT process. Now I’m employed and legal to work in the U.S. for the next year! Thank you, ZP Careers! Jinyi X., Michigan State University - Now a Marketing Intern at Hollywood Movie Productions

  • Zoe from ZP Careers was an amazing career coach! She worked with me to truly understand my goals, guide me in my career search, and prepare me for a winning interview. I’m now in the job of my dreams and couldn’t be happier! Jon L., M.A., University of California - San Diego - Now a Project Manager at Panasonic

  • I acquired an amazing internship through ZP Careers’ Career Pro package.  I highly recommend using all of their services! Chris G., M.A., University of Georgia - Now a Business Development Intern at Houston Kids Basketball

Industries Served We work with large, medium and small employers across the U.S., in finance, technology, healthcare and more!